How to Pack for Spring Break with Minnesota-made Products

Bring a little bit of home with you

Clockwise from top left:Leather Works MN eyeglass case, $65, and American Optical sunglasses, $92, both @ Askov Finlayson; Ursa Major deoderant, $18 @ Wilson & Willy’s; Portland General Store moisturizer, $29, and Mismo wallet, $115, both @ Askov Finlayson; Native Union iPhone case, $40 @ MartinPatrick3; MIS backpack, $105 @ Wilson & Willy’s; Grown Alchemist cleanser, $39 @ Askov Finlayson; Harry’s razor and shave gel, $40 for set @ MartinPatrick3; Ursa Major face wash, $28 @ Wilson & Willy’s; Weiss watch, $950 @ Askov Finlayson

photo by tj turner

Get out of town for the weekend with gear that’s as stylish as it is practical. Start with a lightweight nylon backpack that’s both functional and sophisticated, so adults can enjoy the ease of a knapsack without looking like a teenager. Pack it up with accessories that feature one of spring’s hottest trends, natural materials, such as a leather eyeglass case, a wood-trimmed phone case, or a watch with a natural leather band.