Humans of Minneapolis

The popular blog becomes a book of photos and interviews that shine light on the stories all around us

Photos by Stephanie Glaros

Stephanie Glaros’s digital documentation of the city’s inhabitants, “Humans of Minneapolis,” was modeled after its famous predecessor in New York, and as it gained in popularity took on a character of its own. Her interviews and pictures enrich our understanding of who we are, and why each of our stories is compelling and illuminating. 

Glaros has now published a book of the same name, available for order online, and it’s a visual and storytelling feast in terms of photography, design, and the compelling short interviews that demonstrate her knack for getting people to open up about who they are and how they view the world. 

Excerpts from interviews in Humans of Minneapolis:

“I’m so lucky to live close to this lake. I come down here with my dog every day. We love it. I get myself to relax and take time instead of just hurrying off someplace. This dog causes me to pause.”

“There’s definitely not a lot of other girls that skateboard. I’ve never had a problem getting along with boys, so I kinda like it. I think that the boys enjoy having a girl around because it amps up the competition a little bit.”

“When I had my son I had to change everything, ’cause I was getting in trouble. I was a bad kid before I had my son. Then when I had my son my whole life just changed. I had to do something better before I was dead or in jail for a long, long time.”

Humans of Minneapolis