Laser Focus

If you’ve waxed (and waxed and waxed and waxed) to remove hair, you know pain. And I am here to tell you, waxing causes far more pain than you feel when someone shoots laser beams into your skin to heat and kill hair at the follicular level. Seriously.

The laser process is simple. Lie on the table. The specialist dabs cold ultrasound gel on the place you’d like to remove hair. Then she wields the laser gun, applying it to the skin and zapping it. The only sensation I felt was akin to a mild static-electricity shock—not a big thing at all. Plus, there was barely any redness in the skin after, and I had a cold compress to use if things got heated.

Lasers remove hair permanently—after you get it all. Crystal, my unwavering laser guru, told me some people finish in four sessions, while others take six—performed in four-to-six week intervals (depending on the area, amount of hair, and growth cycles). My appointment took about 15 minutes. No sweat. Or redness. Or pain. Or downtime. Seriously, why is anyone still waxing?

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