Mind Over Matter

Psychic medium Jodi Livon says that whether you believe it or not, we all have access to our sixth sense.

“I listen to my heart, trust my gut, and use my head. If all three are aligned, I know it’s right. It’s all about balancing.”

Jodi Livon has been working as a psychic medium since the 1980s and is the owner of The Intuitive Coach, where she provides readings for many corporate executives and others. She is also the author of The Happy Medium, a book about honing your own intuition. Here, she shares her insights about accessing your sixth sense.

Everyone is psychic. “For a lot of people, it’s hard to accept that everyone has psychic abilities due to really old views of what psychic means. It’s intuition—the instincts that can save your life. It’s creative energy.”

Be quiet. “When you are quiet inside yourself, your insights sing. Don’t be afraid to know yourself.”

Know how you feel. “You can’t live in denial. We’ve been taught for a long time to stuff feelings away. Acknowledge them or they will get in the way of your intuitive thinking.”

Take note. “When you have that ‘feeling,’ watch what happens. When you acknowledge it, it will grow by leaps and bounds. What happens? Were you right? Acknowledge that, too.”

Study your intuition. “Take it seriously, like you would math or physics. It’s dangerous territory when you open up if you don’t know how to protect yourself. It can be really seductive.”

Intuition frees you; fear grips you. “When you have an insight or a dream that points you in a direction, even if it’s scary, you will receive the message in a calm way. Fear screams at you and doesn’t set you free the way intuition will.”

Intuition isn’t wrong. “Intuition is never wrong. Decoding it can be wrong.”

Own your connection.  “Be a minister in your own work. People don’t have the answers, but if you can shed light, open up a new way of thinking, make a safe arena to discuss possibilities, or feel peaceful—that’s very important.”

Learn more about Jodi Livon and The Happy Medium on her website, theintuitivecoach.com