Mind the Gap

I’ve never been a Gap girl. On last count, I had one striped t-shirt and one sundress from the retailer hanging in my closet. Everything was always too cottony, too easily stretched and faded after one wear or wash, to hold my interest – especially when I could purchase the same thing (or better) at Target for a third of the price. Perhaps that’s why I’ve followed the company’s struggle with such interest; I am watching with baited breath to see if/how Gap Inc. turns this thing around.

It’s still too early for consumers to feel the effects of the company’s new CEO, but if my recent visit to Gap is any indication – I’m optimistic. First, I shopped at Gap Maternity with a friend. Despite the physical smallness of the store, its basic offerings were abundant – and reasonably priced. Yes, boutiques like Hot Mama and Expecting Uber Baby carry premium denim and beautiful fashions for pregnants, but most girls need t-shirts, camis, hoodies, and black pants to balance out those splurges. Plus, I love this online shop, featuring eight key pieces for nine months of style.

No, Mother, I am not pregnant. But if Gap could make my friend feel fashionable in a belly band, than I could give it another chance, too. On my second visit, I went straight for the one thing I’ve always refused to buy from the store: jeans. Gap has two new fits, however, and they are both worth a try. The Essential is almost a trouser. It’s comfortable and perfectly dark blue, and I went down two sizes – which did less for my ego than for my hope that Gap will stop skimping on fabric. When I modeled this pair for a very chipper Gapper, she directed me to her favorite, The High Rise (which I couldn’t find online). Sounds 70s-scary and mom-like, I know, but they’re actually the rise as we knew it, before thongs became an accessory. This is the pair I bought. It may be the last, but it could be just the beginning.