Minneapolis Vintage Market in Review

With a curated selection of pieces from Twin Cities vintage sellers, this monthly event is a treasure trove for thrifters

Vintage clothing has become all the rage—bell-bottom jeans, leather jackets, and faded denim are popular statement pieces once again. As these retro, “blast from the past” styles make a comeback, more consumers, especially Gen Z, are gravitating towards the art of thrift shopping. Thrifting is not just about affordability and sustainability, but it’s also a way to unearth unique, made-to-last items. According to the Black Print, a staggering 83% of Gen Z Americans are open to shopping secondhand, a trend that is only gaining momentum. As a fellow member of Gen Z, I can vouch for the surge in popularity of graphic tees, flared jeans, miniskirts, and sweater vests.

Minneapolis Vintage Market has capitalized on this reality and is now a thriving hub for the Twin Cities vintage community. A monthly marketplace that pools together several high-quality vintage collectors, Minneapolis Vintage Market is a gold mine for thrifters.

Minneapolis Vintage Market sign
Minneapolis Vintage Market

Photo by Julia Jacobson

This month’s event, held over the weekend at The Luminare in Minneapolis, was a haven for those seeking quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. From Coach purses to Levi’s jeans, the market offered a diverse range of fashion and home decor items. With so many Twin Cities vintage sellers in one place, thrifters could easily lose themselves scouring the countless clothing racks and shelves for hidden gems. In addition to the array of fashion pieces, The Get Down Coffee Co. was selling cold brews and chai lattes to help fuel customers before they embarked on their shopping endeavors.

With displays carefully curated by each vendor, you felt as though you could explore a slightly different style at each shop. Some vendors seemed to specialize in ornate jewelry, like thick bangles, chain necklaces, and unique rings, while others focused on clothing items. Other fashion preferences included chunky-knit sweaters, button-up collared shirts, flowy dresses, sparkly skirts, and much more.

Vintage jewelry display at Minneapolis Vintage Market
Vintage jewelry display

Photo by Julia Jacobson

Many of the clothing items reminded me of pieces I had seen in stores like Anthropologie and Reformation—but here, they were available for a fraction of the price! Quilted jackets, polka-dot dresses, and oversized quarter-zip sweatshirts were abundant, offering the satisfaction of a stylish look for a good deal.

Sifting through the clothing racks at Minneapolis Vintage Market
Sifting through the curated clothing racks

Photo courtesy of Julia Jacobson

Nothing quite beats the thrill of answering the question, “Where did you get that top from?” with, “I thrifted it.” Shopping secondhand is a sustainable way to enjoy fashion, and it also brings a gratifying experience to the art of shopping. Customers are rewarded with finding individualistic fashion pieces, creating a look that likely cannot be replicated by anyone else. To discover the treasures of vintage clothing for yourself, explore Minneapolis Vintage Market’s website to find the dates and locations of other markets happening throughout the summer.

Julia Jacobson is a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame, studying political science and journalism. Outside of her coursework, she participates in her school’s mock trial team and works as a teaching assistant for an introductory political science course. Julia was born and raised in Minnesota, and loves traveling both domestically and internationally. In her free time, she enjoys reading and journaling.