Minnesota Circa 1960: A Photographic Recap

A lot has changed in Minnesota over the past half-decade: The Foshay Tower is no longer the tallest building in Minneapolis. The iconic department store, Dayton’s, has undergone transformations into first Marshall Fields and now Macy’s. The Twins have been transplanted from the Metropolitan Stadium to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to Target Field. But some things remain the same: The cold and snow of winter still make us forget summer ever happened or could ever happen again. Gubernatorial recounts still occur (more frequently than we’d like to admit). The State Fair still serves as a glorious twelve-day adieu to summer. Take a look at the following photos from the Minnesota Historical Society and see for yourself the changes that have taken place in our great state from 1960 to today.

For more about Minnesota in the ’60s, read “The Long, Strange Trip” in Minnesota Monthly‘s January issue.

 City Scapes Political Landscape
 City Scapes Political Landscape

Flood of 1965


A Visit from The Beatles

Flood of 1965 

The Great Minnesota Get-Together


Seasons of Snow

 The Great Minnesota Get-Together Seasons of Snow

The Minnesota Twins


Dayton’s: The Twin Cities’
Original Department Store

 The Minnesota Twins Dayton’s: the Twin Cities' Original Department Store