Minnesota Rescue Pup Wins Final Fur Bark Bracket

Kira overcame a ruff past to get to where she is today


In the spirit of March Madness, Busch Light recently revealed its MVP (Most Valuable Pup) and winner of the beer brand’s “Bark Bracket”—a bracket-style competition in which one lucky dog becomes the next furry face of Busch’s Dog Brew.

Hailing from Perham, Minn., Kira secured the top spot in this friendly showdown, where dog owners went head-to-head posting pictures of their pets with rationales as to why they should claim the honor as MVP. Voters nationwide then weighed in on social media to determine which pooch would earn the coveted spot on the next can.

At only three weeks old, Kira was found in a ditch by local police officers, who in turn brought her to a local Humane Society. It was love at first sight when her now-owners met Kira, and they brought her home the very next day. She is now living a happy life with her humans, who often refer to Kira as “a fun-loving goof.”

As the winning pup, Kira’s face will be featured on 40,000 cans of the newest flavor of Busch Dog Brew. The alcohol-free bone broth brew is, of course, a dog-friendly drink, and cans are expected to hit store shelves in fall 2022.

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