Minnesota Welcomes Anti-Aging Clinic and Medical Spa

Jake Berg leaves another entrepreneurial footprint in the south metro

Revive’s storefront off of Kenwood Trail in Lakeville

photo Courtesy of Jake Berg

When you combine a college dropout, an insatiable drive to help people, and a passion for changing and improving the lives of others, you typically get one thing: a success story.

After one year of college, now-business owner Jake Berg left school behind to pursue an entrepreneurial career in health and supplementation, and in 2014, his passion led him to open vitamin and supplement shop Total Nutrition. The rapidly growing and ever-popular Lakeville business has since built a loyal customer base through quality product, authenticity, and phenomenal customer service (his Facebook and Google reviews speak for themselves). Business is thriving more than ever, but recently, Berg decided he wanted to do more, be more, and change more lives in more ways he originally thought possible.

Berg and business partners Dan Anderson and Stephanie Johnson will usher in a new health center to Lakeville that will change the way people look at their own health, recovery, and medical care options. Revive, a Florida-based medical spa and anti-aging clinic that offers different health and wellness therapies and services, will be welcomed into Minnesota’s booming south metro this summer.

The clinic, founded by Dr. Domenic J. Iacovone, will offer intravenous (IV) therapy – a safe and easy way to replenish and refuel your body with the exact nutrients it needs.  Like making an individual choice from an exhaustive and all-inclusive menu, you pick the drip your body is begging for — whether it’s an immune boost, hangover rescue, energy recharge, a cure to your PMS pain, or extra hydration.  Revive’s lounge will offer nearly 20 IV bags designed to meet the needs of every client.

So, picture this: You’re out to lunch. The waiter hands you an exquisitely diverse menu with more options than you’d ever need. You place your order, the chefs whip up your custom gourmet meal, and your craving? Crushed. It was exactly what you needed to catch your second wind of grade A energy and carry you through the rest of your busy day.

Now consider this scenario, but with your health.

You feel tired and lethargic. You’re dragging and can feel a cold preparing to knock you out. Your pile of things to do grows more daunting by the minute and the last thing you can afford is a sick day. You need something—and you need it quick—to keep you from falling flat on your face, sniffling through your daily errands, and feeling straight-up miserable. This is where Revive’s IV therapy bag called “Immune Defense” (with colossal amounts of extra vitamin C and B vitamins) could sweep in and take your troubles away.

The IV lounge will provide a spa-style environmental with a half dozen massage chairs, flat screen TV’s, and Beats headphones. You can sleep, chat with a friend, or simply relax during the 40-minute IV therapy session. “It’s going to be a whole different animal,” says Berg.  

Medical professionals will coach you through the dreaded needle prick and administer clinical dosages of the vitamins and minerals of your chosen bag. The drip conveniently bypasses the digestive system and delivers nutrients faster and more efficiently into your bloodstream—leaving you to feel the immediate effects and benefits for up to two weeks after your relaxing visit. For the weeks an IV isn’t administered, the clinic offers shots and boosters to keep you feeling fab. The quick injections range from a hefty dose of B12 vitamins to an anti-oxidant-filled fix of glutathione.

The Lakeville med spa also will provide hormone replacement therapy (HRT) services through their anti-aging clinic. Hormones are a means of systemic communication throughout the body and imbalances can lead to fatigue, obesity, decreased sex drive, poor memory, depression, anxiety, and a handful of other side effects. Though controversial (studies conflict between whether or not HRT increases the risk of certain diseases), the qualified nurse practitioners will take a comprehensive blood panel to detail any deficiencies in your enzymes, metabolic function, and hormone health. From there, an individualized care plan is created and designed for your specific needs to help you take your life back, bring your low hormones back up to normal levels, and have you feeling better than ever. 

Berg says he wants to open two, three, or even four clinics in the metro. The clinics will have something for everyone to benefit from—which is why the services and products available don’t stop there.

The med spa covers the full spectrum of all things “health” and will offer an FDA-approved supplement line, cannabidiol (CBD) products, license-required cosmetic and skincare lines, massage therapy, Graston therapy, laser hair removal, medical weight loss, botox, fillers, microneedling, and most noteably, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Berg’s overshadowing goal is simple: to improve the quality of life of his clients. He hopes his services will boost their confidence, give them energy, and make them feel like they have a second chance at a healthy and fulfilling life where pain and discomfort doesn’t exist. “They can get to the other side where the grass is greener,” he says. “It is greener. And to be able to give them that opportunity—I can’t put it into words.”

After the mid-July launch, clients will have the convenience to book appointments online or head straight the clinic for an impromptu walk-in. Insurance will be accepted for blood work, but the clinic will only accept cash, credit card, Care Credit, or money from a Health Savings Account (HSA) for payment of other services and products. 

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