Moms Rule

You’ve probably heard about Shakopee’s Mackenzie Moretter.  She turned 10 last week, and all the girls invited to her birthday party RSVP’d “no.”

Mackenzie suffers from Sotos Syndrome, which causes developmental issues. She doesn’t have a lot of friends.  When her mom, Jenny, realized she was throwing a party and no one was going to show up she turned (like any modern, awesome mom) to Facebook.  Last Friday, I saw her post in Eden Prairie Swap and Show asking if anyone could bring their kids to her daughter’s party, just to have some people there.

Jenny and Mackenzie went viral.

The next day, they had more than 300 people show up to celebrate.  They had to move the party to a local park. The Facebook message said not to worry about bringing presents, but Mackenzie received tons anyway.  The local Sam’s Club and an area restaurant catered the party, Elsa from Frozen showed up, and Charles Johnson, a Vikings wide receiver, came to say hi.  A Go Fund Me campaign was started, which, at the time I’m writing this, already has $3,345 donated. The mayor proclaimed it Mackenzie Moretter Day.

I love everything about this story.  The outpouring of support is astounding, and so Minnesota.   And the force of a mother’s love is so strong that Jenny was willing to be vulnerable on every social and traditional media outlet in the Twin Cities and beyond is a testament to the lengths parents will go to for the happiness of their children.

Here is a Facebook post from the Moretter family after the party:

“A BIG thank you from our family…

From the moment Mackenzie has been born, she’s made a unique mark on the world. She’s been a light to everyone that knows her.

This is why in planning her party, I was so taken aback when individuals didn’t RSVP. As a mother, I was heartbroken for my daughter. I see a side of Mackenzie the rest of the world may not be privy to—she’s intelligent and thoughtful, courageous and kind. Mackenzie was deserving of one, special birthday.

That’s the reason I reached out to the Minnesota community to help. The outpouring of support for Mackenzie and our family has been humbling. We are truly, truly thankful for your kindness.

On Saturday, you changed the life of a little girl who many of you have never met. And, you’ve given this mother purpose to spread a message of acceptance, tolerance and love, beyond just our home.”

Read more on their Facebook page here.

Thank you, Jenny, for starting this weekend of “good.” I am grateful to live in a community where moms like Jenny, kids like Mackenzie, and people like you support each other.  I’m also grateful for social media.  Facebook was the conduit for this incredibly positive, life-changing experience, and we all got to share it.

This week, I wish you positive posts, the support of a fabulous parent or loved one, and the knowledge that your community has got your back.