My Experience at Lakeville’s New IV Therapy Lounge

Brand new, chic, south metro med spa Revive is open for business

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Earlier this summer, I spoke with Revive co-founder and clinic director Jake Berg as he meticulously renovated and planned for the first Midwest location of his top-of-the-line medical spa. With services ranging from IV and hormone replacement therapy to amino acid injections, teeth whitening, skin care, and more, Berg welcomed Minnesota Monthly to its grand opening on Aug. 26, where I had the opportunity to home in on the hype and try a signature IV cocktail. Here’s my experience:


9:25 a.m.: I pulled into a small parking lot that bordered a large strip mall down Kenwood Trail in Lakeville. I was nearly 20 minutes early to my scheduled appointment. My eyes scanned the building and stopped at the first glance of the big blue letters that graced the brick-and-mortar storefront. The lot was already bustling with excited, prospective clients. I walked in to be greeted by friendly front desk staff who checked me in and prompted me to fill out a series of paperwork—you know, the typical contact information and health background kind of stuff.


9:32 a.m.: I was early for the IV lounge, so it was no surprise I had a few minutes to hang out in the waiting area and observe. The reception and waiting area near the main entry held two black leather loveseats, marble countertops, sky-high industrial ceilings, and a clean white and gray interior. Professional. Sleek. Modern.


9:42 a.m.: As I waited, Dr. Iacovone approached me, introduced himself, and encouraged me to opt for a comprehensive blood test that would indicate any food allergies, outdoor allergens, and deficiencies in my system. The samples are sent to a nearby independent lab and come back within two to three days and are designed to help clients tailor their treatments to their personal needs. Interested (and honestly, just plain curious), I handed over my I.D. and insurance. As someone who doesn’t “do” needles, I mentally prepared for the needle prick and blood draw to come.

9:48 a.m.: Just three minutes after my scheduled 9:45 a.m. appointment time, a nurse called me back. This is where things got interesting. They sat me down in a small room that couldn’t have been larger than a typical bathroom stall. Two young nurses came in and they struggled to collect my sample. The only reason I could tell was because one let a “Oh, that wasn’t supposed to happen” slip out, and by my own personal observation, it was messier than it should have been. Once the draw was finished, they guided me to the IV lounge and sat me down in one of five massage chairs lined up in front of their impressive wall of flat-screen, sports-clad TVs.


10:06 a.m.: Once I was planted in my chair, I reclined back and found the massage remote that would knead and karate-chop me into pure, relaxed bliss. A nurse offered me water and then administered what she called a “glutathione boost” into my IV—known for promoting anti-aging effects and its ability to combat free radicals. The boost took seconds, and before I knew it, I was hooked up to my first bag of liquid vitamins.

“How are you feeling?” asked Berg from over my shoulder. He greeted me as I thanked him for having me. Then, he asked if I could “taste the B-vitamin complex.” Taste? Taste something that was 1) flowing into my arm, and 2) in my blood stream? At first I was thrown off, but there it was: the strangest (not exactly enjoyable) taste of what was apparently B vitamins flowing through my blood stream. “Just wait a few more minutes for the magnesium to kick in,” he added. “You’ll feel so relaxed.” But did I? Do I really feel different? That’s the question I’m (still) trying to discern.


10:46 a.m.: In about a half hour, my drip ran dry. I was unhooked from the system, said farewell to my beloved massage chair, and was sent on my way with a cheerful series of “thank yous” and “see you laters” from the staff.

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