Neal Jewelry Launches

Neal Jewelry

Lauren Neal brought her jewelry line, Carrier Pigeon, to life in 2009 with hand-fabricated pieces evoking a natural aesthetic reflected by a name harkening to the past. Today, she’s changed her production process and shifted her aesthetic to incorporate sleeker, more modern pieces.

“When I started, everything had a very organic, aged look to it,” Neal explains. “And over the past couple of years, I’ve shifted to hand-carving and casting all of my pieces.” A change in name was a natural next step, and she’s rebranded the business as Neal to allow for more breadth in style and the opportunity to branch out into other objects, such as cast-bronze jewelry-holders.

Neal hopes to expand the line further, with more experimentation into décor and incorporating gemstones into her baubles. “I just want to listen to whatever I’m feeling creatively and not necessarily follow the trends,” she says. •