Never Perfect

When something goes wrong, WCCO’s Jordana Green has learned to laugh it off

Photos by Jordana Green

“If he was perfect, I’d be worried.” A comment from my hairdresser when I told him I was getting remarried a few years ago. This blog is about parties, not husbands, but the comment is universal. In my experience, nothing is perfect. And it shouldn’t be.

A few weekends ago we celebrated my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (you can read my speech in my last blog). It was a joyful, beautiful, happy, almost perfect event. Thank G-d. My daughter performed her studies exceptionally, the weather was great, everyone was in good health, happy spirits and in the moment. And then dinner was served.

Funny story. The Bat Mitzvah party was Saturday night. Tables were set with color coordinated linens, centerpieces were adorable, and the DJ was rocking. When the adults were served dinner, brisket, (the kids ate chicken fingers and burgers) it was inedible. You couldn’t even cut it with a steak knife. It was rubber. When I realized this, at first I was horrified. Then I rolled my head back and laughed. It was about time something went wrong! My ex-husband and I apologized to our guests, chuckled and told them to please eat from the kids buffet. No one starved. (And in a room full of Jews no one even complained…now that is a miracle!)

For every rule, there is an exception, for every ointment, a fly and for every seemingly perfect event, a blunder. The brisket was ours. I’m grateful. See, if the event was ‘perfect’ it would be impossible to top. No future event could compete. I don’t want my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah to be her or my shining moment for the rest of our lives…we need something to strive for!

In the week’s post Bat-Mitzvah no one mentioned the brisket. They remembered how beautifully she read from the Torah, how everyone got along, how spiritual the setting and service were. The brisket has only offered me a funny story about what went wrong and a great reminder that nothing is ever perfect.

So what was the fly in your otherwise perfect ointment? Share below or on my Facebook.

This week I wish you a blunder to chuckle over during an otherwise perfect week!

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