One-Stop Shop for Wellness

Core Lifestyle aims to support people in their whole health journey
Dr. Taylor Meyers, Dr. Neil Crane, and Dr. Andy Risvold at Core Lifestyle. Photo courtesy Core Lifestyle.
Dr. Taylor Meyers, Dr. Neil Crane, and Dr. Andy Risvold at Core Lifestyle.

Courtesy Core Lifestyle

In North Loop is the start of a one-stop wellness center called Core Lifestyle. While the leaders are three chiropractors, Dr. Neil Crane, Dr. Andy Risvold, and Dr. Taylor Meyers wanted to create a place where people could prevent and heal their bodies with more than just one method of care. Instead, Core Lifestyle offers a whole suite of services including massage therapy, dry needling, injury rehab, personal training, nutrition guidance, and active release technique treatments.

“We felt like as providers, we needed to do more to facilitate and integrate a wellness lifestyle, a proactive lifestyle, for people to learn how to move and eat better,” Crane says. “People were asking us to not only take care of whatever injury it was that drove them here [to the chiropractors] but also, how do they keep it away?”

Crane, Risvold, and Meyers kept hearing that underlying question over and over in their client interactions, and then opportunity struck: The former Dharma Cycle property in North Loop went up for sale. That meant it already had some of the infrastructure like locker rooms and showers for the gym they wanted, and the area where Dharma’s yoga studio could be used for an open, welcoming space for people to receive treatments. (There are also three private treatment rooms available.) All in all, it’s difficult to think of a more fortuitous layout.

An interior shot of Core Lifestyle.

Courtesy Core Lifestyle

With the space, the team can truly grow to encompass the key aspects of an active life: diet (they’re even looking ahead to some cooking classes), exercise, injury prevention, and injury healing. And if some of their holistic services seem a little too unfamiliar (we’ve all seen Michael Phelps’ cupping bruises, but it can be a little more intimidating when you might get your own), Crane recommends to ease yourself in with a service that’s more like a treat: the infrared spa.

“It’s very different than the ‘heat up and sweat it out’ sauna. It’s really relaxing and can go deeper in the soft tissue for more of a detoxifying and relaxing effect. It does a great job with stress and anxiety,” Crane says. Unsurprisingly, he recommends going with the massage/infrared spa combination if you have the time.

Definitely check out Core Lifestyle’s services if you’re interested in a long-term change in your lifestyle (they like to call themselves “seriously casual”), but if you just want to schedule one appointment or consultation to satisfy your curiosity, you’ll feel just as welcomed and supported.