Online Alternatives to Going Out During COVID-19

Feel a little bit more normal with these online alternatives for theater, music, festivals, and more

With COVID-19 driving us indoors, it is hard to feel like anything is normal lately. Businesses, organizations, and individuals have taken it upon themselves to give the community a sense of normalcy in these very abnormal times. Here are a few opportunities for entertainment, arts and crafts, and socialization during COVID-19:

Theater Mu is virtually hosting casual table reads of plays by Asian American writers with their Mu Mondays. Sign up to read or just to observe. Mu Mondays were originally created for the artistic community to connect with and learn from each other. Now, it’s an opportunity to maintain socialization while still getting your dose of arts and performance.

The Wine Workshop offers online opportunities to learn from experienced wine educators. They are perfect for those wanting to know more about the complexities of wine from home on their own schedule.

You have two options. Wine Workshops are “active, conversational, dynamic, and social.”  They take place over three days or so and focus on specific grape and wine varieties. Workshops are great for those who want to share what they are sipping and hear what others have to say. Then, the Wine Classes are private, observational, and take on a more seminar-style approach. These webinars usually last about an hour with opportunities for live chats and a Q&A. If you want to simply observe and learn from experienced sommeliers, you can do that, too.

The Loft Literary Center’s Wordplay Festival will be held online on May 9. The virtual festival is free to attend, and participants are encouraged to support the Loft Literary Center to help put on the event. Wordplay is a celebration of readers, writers, and books. As literary festivals are cancelling nationwide, this is a chance for writers and readers to come together, commune, and share interesting and provocative conversations. You can expect livestreams, videos, contests, digital storytelling, and more.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum website has a host of online resources to help parents lead kids’ activities, such as building gnome homes and creating time capsules.

The Children's Museum offers a variety of activities for kids
The Children’s Museum offers a variety of activities for kids to do


Four Humors Theater has announced that they will be hosting a throwback-style telethon in lieu of their previously scheduled April Fools Fundraiser. The telethon will be streamed from the Strike Theater on April 4 at 7 p.m. Enjoy comedy, music, and more during this event. Four Humors Theater will be releasing information about streaming availability in the coming days.

Musicians are doing livestream performances to give fans musical experiences in the comfort and safety of their homes. While most livestreams are free—including a performance by local band Druzy Rose on March 20 at 6 p.m.—bands are asking for donations during these difficult times. Other, larger livestream performances scheduled include Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and the Ultra Music Festival, which will feature such artists as Afrojack, Martin Garrix, and Major Lazer. SiriusXM will broadcast the festival on March 20.

The Z Puppets Rosenschnoz company has shifted its performance of Through the Narrows to an audio webcast, which can be enjoyed online from March 21-May 1. In this tale, a 3,500-year-old Jewish woman recounts her crossing of the Red Sea, and a 6-year-old Cherokee boy bears witness to the Trail of Tears. After your experience, send in any questions, which will be answered in a video Q&A session.

For more information about Coronavirus and its impact on our community, click here.

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