Our 10 Favorite “Not Wordle” Tweets

It’s not Wordle, just…

The popularity of mobile games is something that changes with the times. In 2014, Trivia Crack had smartphone users in a tight grip. A few years later, Pokémon Go was in the spotlight. Today, enter Wordle: the Internet’s latest obsession.

Wordle is a viral web-based game in which players have six attempts to guess the five-letter word of the day. The New York Times recently acquired the game in a “low seven-figures” purchase, which speaks volumes about its overwhelming popularity.

There’s a good chance that Wordle’s influence has expanded onto your Twitter feeds, where users post their daily results in the form of yellow, green, and gray box emojis, following the game’s format.

A recent news story claims that Minnesota is the top U.S. state for Wordle players, citing the website schoolauthority.org. (We have been unable to verify that data and the methodology used.) 

Here, we’ve picked our 10 favorite “not Wordle” alternatives circulating the Internet.

  1. A high school English staple:

2. A tasty comfort food: 

  1. A 2000s fashion trend:
  2. Dog parent struggles:
  3. An infamous self-titled album:
  4. The Internet’s favorite owl:
  5. An indie rock debut:
  6. A furry friend:
  7. A popular read:
  8. A friendly cartoon: