Our Notes: Northern Vogue 2018 Spring/Summer Looks

Asymmetry, neon, patterns on patterns, and more were on a runway that covered everything from streetwear to bridal wear

 Courtesy W Minneapolis — The Foshay.
Courtesy W Minneapolis — The Foshay

Northern Vogue came back for its spring/summer looks to give us hope in the midst of winter, and the people who flocked to W Minneapolis — The Foshay were ready for it. The night, put on by the W Minneapolis and By Niche, included six student designers and eight local designers whose wide range included streetwear Lamb Chops and formal wear from House of Nguyen. Here were some thoughts from the night.


Abbie Ross designs at Northern Vogue fall 2018.
Photos from left to right: Madeline Elli (2), Candace D

Student designer Abbie Ross: With the message Fight Like a Woman, Ross’s oversized proportions made for an easy canvas for her rich color choices and a nice contrast to the form-fitting components. It was so effortless, to a layperson like myself (please still read my fashion newsletters), there’s not much more to describe unless you see it yourself—it was a punch of perfectly edited design.

Photos by Madeline Elli and Candac D for Northern Vogue fall 2018.
Photos by Madeline Elli

Abby Schumacher and Maddi Topp: This collection was fun with an edge. The ‘80s neon was back with oversized silhouettes and line drawings of females who looked so over it. As my co-editor Katie Ballalatak puts it, sticking to white, burnt orange, pale yellow, and the occasional peep of leopard print, these looks were cool, urban, and a fantastic example of decade-inspired fashion.


Photos by Madeline Elli for Northern Vogue fall 2018.
Photos by Madeline Elli

Coty Clothing Co.: This collection definitely suggested some beach bumming and cabana show boating with pattern-on-pattern layering of cheery tropical and global-inspired prints. Smart styling (think: long statement necklaces) kept everything nice and elevated for the runway.


Kristi Vosbeck designs at Northern Vogue fall 2018.
Photos from above left, clockwise: Madeline Elli, Candace D, Madeline Elli (2)

Kristi Vosbeck: I love all things weddings, so seeing bridal designer Kristi Vosbeck’s looks was quite welcome. While I loved some of the art deco beading that graced her dresses (one started with beading and then cascaded into fringe), my favorite piece by her was actually not a gown but a smartly tailored pant suit with a bit of lace peeking through the lapels. What made the outfit complete is the confidence that the model had in it, and really, you want fashion to empower.

There were some road bumps to Northern Vogue, but if you put on your rosy tinted glasses, you could, for instance, swing that the lack of clear signage and slow-moving long admissions line gave it an exclusive feel. However, there were some audience engagement struggles during the live auction fundraising for Dress for Success Twin Cities.

Guest emcees and fashion experts Grant Whittaker and Carly Zucker gave the auction the most enthusiasm they could, as did the inspiring locals like Minnesota Vikings Stephen Weatherly and Mrs. Minnesota America 2018 Allison Crandall. As Ballalatak commented, though, it seemed as if the upscale and luxury items including some handsome MartinPatrick 3 ensembles didn’t fit the crowd or the format (as non-VIPs weren’t even in the room where the auction was taking place).

Still, it was one diverse night of fashion in one place, and for that, it must be commended. And, as we’re sure most people who stayed for the after party might attest to, it was a great excuse for a night out with other fashion lovers.