Q&A: Carly Zucker on Parenthood and Style

KFAN host, mom of three, and wife of the Minnesota Wild’s Jason Zucker, Carly Zucker talks work-life balance, style, and being nice to yourself
Carly Zucker with Jason Zucker and family

Photo Credit Dave Puente

What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

So many things! I think it’s really easy for parents to complain but we truly enjoy it. There are always going to be challenging times with kids, with work, with everything, but we try really hard to make it fun. I love watching them learn and change. We have a newborn whose newest milestone is smiling and you’re amazed that you care so much about a person smiling. And then our 18-month-old — he’s talking and exploring. I love their different ages. I keep saying, “I love 18 months,” and then [my daughter] Sophia turned five, and I said, “I love five!” and now she’s 9 years old and I find different moments to love.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

I’m the first person to ask, “Who wants to help me?” I think for me to stay sane and do the best job I can do, and for my husband to do his job well, we have to outsource a lot of what we do. For me, it’s prioritizing what I need to be at and what I want to be at, and making sure the kids know that their stuff is a priority.

What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome?

The challenges change all the time. The first challenges are not sleeping and other simple newborn challenges that don’t feel simple [at the time]. But now Sophia’s in school and I’m trying to learn the lesson of not being that overprotective parent. I always thought I’d be so hands-off, but I’m like, “Do you want me to tie your shoes? I know you’re nine, but I can do that for you, you know!” It’s hard not to rescue them from every situation, so I think my biggest lesson is letting them grow and be independent on their own.

How would you describe your style?

At this point, because of the new baby, it’s whatever fits on my body is what works. I’m pretty classic when it comes to colors. I’m always in black, white, and blues. Very clean, simple, somewhat feminine. But I try to accessorize in a way that’s more fun. A lot of the shoes that I own are studded, fun colors, or metallics. I bring in more of the trendy pieces in accessories so they’re more interchangeable. I have a lot of fun dressing for the occasion.

What advice would you give to new mothers?

Be nice to yourself. In this Instagram world, everything looks so perfect and easy. You have to remember that people use social media for whatever they want to use it for. And I’m a big advocate for that! If you want to post all positive, cool. That’s great. I’d love to follow that. If you want to post what’s challenging for you, great! Post that, too. But I think that you have to remember that it’s what people have curated for you to see. New moms, you especially have to be kind to yourselves because you’re dealing with body changes, plus a new life that’s totally dependent on you. Be okay if they’re not sleeping, eating, or doing things the way you think they should. None of my kids have had the same schedule — none of them! You have to find what works for you, and be nice to yourself through the process. If you love them and take care of them, it will be just fine. I remember feeling very unprepared when I had Sophia and thinking, “So when are her real parents coming? When is someone picking her up?” But then you find your groove, and everything is good.

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