Party Time

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“So what are we doing for the Super Bowl?” I asked my husband. He shrugged. Really? Nothing? No one invited us to their house, or to a party, or to a bar to watch the game. No one?

It kind of made me feel like a loser. But then I remembered what my friend Julia always says, “Everyone says they love to entertain, but they never do it.” (Julia makes serveware and wants people to entertain more so they use her products, but nonetheless, her statement is true.)

I love a party and any reason to throw one is a good reason. So there it was: We are going to host a Super Bowl party. Handsome husband and I planned the menu in a few minutes, and then began working on an Evite. I’m not a great planner as evidenced that this party was conceived with less than a week until the Super Bowl, but we kept it easy.

As soon as I told Julia about the party, she commandeered menu planning and what serveware to bring (everyone needs a friend like Julia). Within a few hours of the Evite going out, her theory about entertaining proved true once again. It wasn’t just us who hadn’t been invited anywhere for the Super Bowl—no one had anywhere to go because most of them RSVP’d yes to our party. (Now I felt like less of a loser.)  C’mon people, life’s too short not to have parties.

So now I’m looking around my house thinking, how do we get this place ready for a party? We just moved in at the end of November, we have no window treatments, no light fixtures, and boxes that have yet to be unpacked.

But it doesn’t matter. If you plan to judge my temporary paper window shades please RSVP “no” to the party. It also doesn’t matter what we serve or who wins the game. Just come, eat, laugh, and have fun.

By the way, I’ll probably wear my gold sequin pants…because life’s too short not to have parties.

This week I wish you many invitations to parties but if you don’t get any, throw your own!

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