Why You Should Diversify Who You Follow on Social Media

With just a few clicks, you can combat racism and supplement what you consume online
Protester holds up sign saying "It's a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experiencing it!!!"

James Eades/Unsplash

The ability to curate your own social media feed is an incredible aspect of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but it can be far too easy to only see content from those in your familiar circles and sociodemographic situations. A year has passed George Floyd’s murder, and social media has been pivotal to this historic movement. Countless posts have provided real-time updates of gatherings and protests, and bite-sized facts and resources have circulated about what people can do to educate themselves and help.  

However, even if everyone was talking about Black Lives Matter before, as time goes on, your social media bubble might begin to recreate itself without you even realizing it. And, despite efforts of activists and campaigns like #sharethemic, Black voices and voices of color remain marginalized both on and off the internet, press coverage, and mainstream media.

By being mindful of what we use social media for, we can continue to reevaluate our privilege, identity, and opportunities and support the social justice movement. Anyone and everyone that has social media can make a difference by diversifying whom they follow. An effort to follow and engage with creators of color, independent news organizations, and mission-based groups is one step you can take to invest in the long-term fight for justice. 

Some ideas to get you started:

Social media is a space for fun and creativity, selfies and life updates. But, it is also a place for justice, reckoning, and growth.

Be mindful of whom you follow and why because it does matter. It matters because those who follow you can see what you engage with. It matters because social media data is an important organizing tool for creators. And, it matters because diverse content is genuinely more interesting—don’t underestimate how much you can learn from following one new account that works to challenge the status quo.

Really, diversifying social media intake is the least we can do. Doing it now will pay off later as a variety of perspectives can, overtime, change your perspective on the world.