UPDATED: Minnesota’s COVID-19 Stay Safe Plan

Gov. Tim Walz has announced new guidelines in effect June 10

Michael Amadeus/Unsplash

UPDATED: June 8, 2020

In early June, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz provided new updates to Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan with the goal of continuing to slow the spread of COVID-19. For the latest on current testing, cases, and deaths, the Minnesota Department of Health has information here.

Starting June 10, here are the latest guidelines, as part of Phase III:

Social Gatherings: 25 people or fewer for outdoors, 10 or fewer for indoors, drive-in gatherings following these MDH guidelines.

Critical/Non-Critical Businesses: Allowed open, but must telework if possible, and adopt COVID-19 preparedness plan.

Retail: Stores and main street businesses, such as malls, are permitted to reopen as long as they have a social distancing plan and operate at 50% capacity.

Bars and Restaurants: Can reopen for both indoor and outdoor dining on June 10 at 50% capacity, with no more than 250 customers. Reservations are required, and masks required for workers, strongly recommended for customers.

Personal Services: Barbershops, tattoo parlors, and salons can open at 50% capacity, 6 feet of distance, with appointments required, and masks mandatory for both workers and customers.

Gyms (personal fitness and yoga studios, martial arts): Indoor/outdoor can open at 25% capacity, with 250 people maximum. Masks strongly recommended for workers and users.

Indoor & Outdoor Events/Entertainment: 6 feet of social distancing, indoor capacity at 25%, maximum of 250 people, and masks strongly recommended for all participants and workers.

Schools: Open with hybrid model for summer learning.

Child Care, Youth Programming, Organized Sports, Outdoor Recreation, Campgrounds: Open with COVID-19 guidance.

Pools: Open, with 6 feet of social distancing, capacity at 50%.

Places of Worship: Indoor and outdoor should maintain 6 feet of social distance, capacity at 50% indoors, and maximum of 250 people. Masks strongly suggested for all participants.

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