Some Assembly Required

Photos by Jordana Green

It was me versus the hoop. I am battle weary and bruised, but I am the victor.

My son wanted a basketball hoop—no problem, every kid should have a driveway hoop. The purchase was made, the nice guys at Target loaded it into my minivan, and I was ready for assembly. I’ve put together an entire mudroom from IKEA, so how hard could it be to assemble a basketball hoop? Oh, how naive I was.

It took me almost an hour to get all the pieces out of the box! The instructions recommended I download an app to help with assembly, and after looking through the instruction manual, the app was downloaded. I cross referenced the video with the written instructions, which didn’t always align before I committed to the next step. As my 12-year-old would say, I was “doing the most.”

There are parts to the assembly where it gives you a warning: “TWO PEOPLE NECESSARY, FAILURE TO HAVE TWO PEOPLE COULD RESULT IN PRODUCT DAMAGE, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR SERIOUS INJURY.”  Me, myself, and I persevered, on our own. (I really should have had someone else, but handsome husband was playing golf and I really wanted to get it done!) I jerry-rigged a saw horse, used the edge of our trampoline as a substitute for another pair of hands, and grabbed a guy walking his dog to help me pound one section in when I was too fatigued. Finally, after four hours, six blistered fingers, a few bruises, and a lot of sweat, the hoop was assembled. I nearly cried when I put the NBA sticker on the front as this was the final step. Then I tried to stand it up.


I was too short to push it upright. I sat on the grass and laughed. Such is life—we can’t do everything on our own.

Handsome husband showed up, pushed it up, and I claimed victory.

This week I wish you a clear path to your goals and a little push of help when you need it in the end.