Stage Appeal

Actor James Denton on why Tinseltown’s got nothing on the Twin Cities

Most people know James Denton as Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives. But last year, after a decade of “setting up jokes for Teri Hatcher,” Denton and his wife, fitness expert Erin O’Brien, ditched Hollywood for Chanhassen—to be closer to family (O’Brien grew up in Shakopee) and better schools for their daughters. This month, Delfino is returning to his roots at Park Square Theatre, performing in Good People, which opens September 13. Here, Denton shares a bit about himself and how he’s going acclimating to life in Minnesota.

My wife owns Bring It! Studios in Chanhassen, which includes the CrossFit gym. We basically live there—it’s our main hangout spot and has been a great way to meet people in the neighborhood.

Our go-to restaurant is Wildfire in Eden Prairie (shout-out to our favorite server, Todd!).

Acting for TV and acting for theater couldn’t be more different. I’ve been edited to look like I’m terrible on TV. On stage, if you’re good, you’re good, and if you’re bad, you’re bad. You have to own it, and I love that.

My first job was as the minister of music at a church. It’s one of the reasons I was attracted to my role in the film Grace Unplugged, which comes out October 4.

The biggest surprise I’ve had since moving to Minnesota last year is how much people complain about the weather. It’s fantastic! I was trying so hard to keep my mouth shut until I realized nobody was happy about it being 20 degrees in April.