5 MN-Made Art Pieces to Give Your Space Personality

Local artists like Karin Jacobs and Mandi Smethells are making our homes anything but ordinary


Karin Jacobs

The nostalgia in painter Karin Jacobs’ work takes us back to when superheroes were on horseback. This shiny television cowboy painting evokes Wisconsin-based Hartland Toys’ treasures from the ’50s and ’60s. After putting down her paintbrush to raise her kids, Jacobs is now back in her studio reminding us not to give up on our passions or our playthings. Roy Rogers and Trigger prints, from $35, available at her studio in the Northrup King Building in northeast Minneapolis


Mandi Smethells

After years in the corporate world, Mandi Smethells is now a full-time artist using her art degree and pulling inspiration from parenting. Her process producing rainbows and fanciful fiber art sculptures is simple: explore with color, experiment with materials, and exaggerate playfulness. Custom Evil Eyes, from $110


Nicole Houff

Take the world’s most loved fashionista, Barbie, and add a Minneapolis-based photographer with a snarky sense of humor. Nicole Houff’s shots reminds us that Barbie is an empowered figure, full of positivity. Houff has captured her dolls in some of our favorite Minnesota hangouts. Grain Belt Barbie print, from $40


Peg & Plum

From her home studio, Elizabeth Crust paints amazing depictions of iconic figures, and can also showcase your own little family or pet. With a keen eye for detail, her miniature masterpieces are perfect for everyday play or heirloom keepsakes that tell your story. Frida Kahlo figure, $32


Wondrous Crane

Emily Tani-Winegarden first sat behind a potter’s wheel at Eden Prairie High School and hasn’t stopped throwing pots. The name Wondrous Crane honors her Japanese heritage and the hardships her grandparents overcame. Her joy comes from crafting and sharing her work with others. The vessels she throws are both functional and wondrous to admire. Nesting bowls, $125

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