6 Etsy Halloween Inspirations from Minnesota

With just a click (and possibly expedited shipping), you can get into the Halloween spirit
Women with pomegranate candy by whirling carnival ride with lights

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There are a few types of Halloween lovers in the world, including costume creators, costume procrastinators, adrenaline junkies, candy cravers, and fall fun lovers. As the spooky holiday creeps closer and closer (seriously, how are we already at MEA weekend?), our local Etsy creators are here to help you celebrate the 31st in style, no matter which type of Halloween person you are.


1. Vampire Bite Choker by ButterscotchSympathy

Simple, elegant—a vampire bite from ButterscotchSympathy. Pick one of the many victims of Dracula or claim it as the scars that turned you into a vampire yourself. (If you buy a ton of body glitter, you can try to pass yourself as a recently turned vamp in the Twilight style.)

2. Jack O’ Lantern Pin by StudioBZ

For a cheerier accessory, go for this fall-fetch pin by StudioBZ. This one may not be an addition to your Halloween costume (but how cute would it be on the overalls of a Scarecrow costume?), but it will certainly make your October attire more festive!

3. French Antique Mourning Comb by CombAgain

Whether you take this as Gothic glam or vintage glam, this French antique mourning comb from CombAgain can dress up your look. For a Halloween costume, pair it with a dress to become a vampire madame, corpse bride, or if you love literary satire and don’t care about period history, someone from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

4. Gecko Statement Ring by KatRoxWearAttitude

If you love theatrics, this ring by KatRoxWearAttitude is for you. Don it and let the rhinestone gecko be your witch’s familiar or break out the makeup brushes and become half bedazzled reptile yourself. While this ring can work outside of Halloween, let me know what events you’re wearing it to—they must be quite the fashion spectacular.

5. Steampunk Fascinator by SPDJewelry

This steampunk fascinator by SPDJewelry can complete a Halloween look. (Not sure what steampunk is? SPDJewelry owner Rachelle Thorpe has you covered: “Steampunk aesthetic allows the melding of science fiction and Victorian drama. It celebrates the obscure and dark things that we dare not speak of, and rewrites the past.”) If you want a more story-based costume accent, take a look at the Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Wonder Woman, Stranger Things, and Star Wars themed fascinators she also creates.

6. Halloween Watch by SunnyRiverCreations

For those who love Halloween, this watch by SunnyRiverCreations is a must. Like the pumpkin pin, it’s not inspiration for a costume, but it is holiday inspiration you can wear every day.

For more inspiration, check out some Halloween earrings—there are more than a few Nightmare Before Christmas ones and some very cute black cats—or necklaces, like StrangeBeauty’s beautifully macabre skeleton pendant.

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