A Style Lover’s Guide to Northrup King

The Minneapolis art scene has breathed life into this 102-year-old structure
Strey Designs (check out that backpack) is one of the many makers and small businesses in the Northrup King Building.
Strey Designs (check out that backpack!) is one of the many makers and small businesses in the Northrup King Building.

Courtesy Strey Designs

Smack dab in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is an old industrial warehouse that, like much of the district, has been revamped and renovated to become a hub for creativity. The Northrup King Building is now home to over 350 Minnesota-based artists and small business owners, making it the largest art complex in Minnesota.

For style lovers, Northrup is an artistically diverse haven. With 28 jewelry artists and 24 artists in the textile and fiber field, this 102-year-old warehouse knows a thing or two about fashion. Come for the style and stay for the plethora of other talented artists in mediums such as clay, drawing, digital, furniture, glass, graphic arts, illustration, metals, mixed media, mosaics, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Many of these artists offer classes, so try your hand at making some art yourself.

Northrup has open hours every first Thursday of the month from 5-9 p.m. and occasionally on Open Saturdays, but individual appointments can be made with particular artists or businesses. On November 1-3, Northrup will host Art Attack 2019, featuring 250 artists, open studios, and lots of great food. Whenever you go, here’s our fashion lovers’ guide on where to start your visit.


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Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design

Karin Jacobson is the founder and passionate artist behind her carefully crafted, fair trade jewelry business. Her talent for handmade, eco-friendly jewelry propelled her brand to a national audience. But Karin’s roots will always bring her back to her studio in Minneapolis, focusing on creating her art with only ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals. She specializes in rings and her Origami Collection, which twists metal into unique, folded shapes.

Besides her location at Studio 288 in Northrup, you can find her work at the Walker Art Center, museums and jewelry stores nationwide, and online.


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Lundeen has been a part of the Minnesotan jewelry scene for 50 years. Since 1969, this Dinkytown start-up has been involved in putting the Warehouse District on the artistic map. Jane and Chris Lundeen are proud to keep the tradition of offering jewelry in Native American and Mexican Silver styles, passed down by Chris’s father, Lowell Lundeen.

Lundeen goods are found at Studio 258 in Northrup and online.


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Vikse Designs

Jeannie Trelles knew she loved travel, nature, and fashion, especially her hobby of jewelry making. In 2009, that hobby turned into Vikse Designs, a beading, crocheting, and metalsmithing jewelry business that incorporates all of Trelles’ passions wrapped into one. Vikse’s designs have a unique, natural flavor, integrating the twisting patterns of Lake Superior agates and the innate glow of the metal that intertwines with the stones.

Located in Studio 179 in Northrup, Vikse also has pieces at Strey Collective in the Mall of America, the Fitting Room, and online.


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Solid Design Studios

Megan Wiley, the designer behind Solid Design Studios, has a decade of experience in women’s fashion in the Twin Cities. Solid Design’s uses sterling silver, gold, and gemstones to shape a versatile, day-to-night jewelry line. Some of her designs incorporate a sleek, chain-link style. Others are more minimalist, highlighting unique stones, particularly pearls.

The collection can be found in Tres Leches Art Gallery in Northrup’s Studio 173, at a handful of boutiques around the Twin Cities, and online.


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Britta Lynn Design

Using fire and a hammer, Britta Lynn Kauppila has turned her love of natural forms, symmetry, and the ancient traditions of metalworking into a sleek, contemporary jewelry collection. This Duluth-based artisan uses her connection to Lake Superior and its natural stones to draw inspiration for her work, bringing the North down to the Twin Cities and Northrup.

Britta Lynn Design has a workshop in Duluth, but for those in the Twin Cities or otherwise, you can find her at Studio 252 in Northrup and online.


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Tessa Louise Design

Tessa Louise discovered that she loved creating and matching wearable art at a young age. Like its namesake, Tessa Louise Design places emphasis on versatility, high quality fabrics, and the timelessness of a piece. The collection offers Signature pieces that act as reliable, staple options, and Statements that highlight bold design elements so you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Tessa Louise Design is located in Studio 375 in Northrup, as well as the Fitting Room in Minneapolis and online.


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Strey Designs

For a wide variety of skillfully crafted, elegant, and dependable leather products made right in Minneapolis, check out Strey Designs. Owner and designer Sarah Butala loves making old things new again. From colorful leather keychain clips to a vast assortment of purses, backpacks, bags, and clutches, Strey Designs is all about fine quality and supporting local artisans. At their studio, you can also find a number of other local brands, including Vikse and Sweet B.

Located in Studio 179 in Northrup, Strey Designs also opened the Strey Collective at Mall of America and can be found online.