Ask the Experts: Fall Hair Trends

Five Twin Cities stylists dish on the latest all things hair for the season of pumpkin chai lattes, colorful leaves, and honeycrisp apples
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While you might not get “back-to-school” cuts anymore, that doesn’t change the fact that fall is a new season with new colors, textures and trends for fashion, home decor, beauty, and of course, hair. With the help of some local hair stylists, here’s the scoop on the latest in bridal trends, everyday looks, and must-have products for the season. As you read through their thoughts, remember these words by owner and stylist Abby Shofner of Blondeluxe: “At the end of the day, great hair color is defined by who wears it. Whatever inspires you, even if it’s not on the cover of a magazine or double-tapped 8,000 times, rock it.”

Two looks by Emily Alexander
Two looks by Emily Alexander

Courtesy Emily Alexander

Emily Alexander

Lead hairstylist at LadyVamp Artistry. You can also connect with her on the new hairstylist-matching website, TopKnott

BRIDAL TRENDS: “For bridal fall trends this year, we are seeing a lot of classic looks with a more modern, messy twist to them like a chignon or french twist but with some hair falling out around the bun and face. Braids are also in for fall, whether it’s in a full updo or the half-up, half-down style. And finally, hair accessories are being added to many bridal and bridesmaids looks, adding some extra glam!”

HAIR TREND YOU LOVE: “If I could convince everyone to get bangs, I would! Classic vintage hairstyles from that time period were so soft glam and naturally lived in, who doesn’t love the iconic Brigitte Bardot?”

EVERYDAY GLAM: “Everyday touch-of-glam hairstyles I love are either a chic low bun or anything with accessories! Low buns gathered around the nape of the neck look great whether you decide to style more slick and high fashion or more messy with some pieces hanging around face and ears. They’re also great with accessories like scrunchies, which have made a huge comeback this year, and barrettes! Leave your hair down or half up and add a barrette or hair clip, and you’ve got a super easy, everyday glam style.”

Andy Doan, owner and stylist at the Dapper Wolf, as well as two hairstyles he’s done

From left, clockwise: Joe Wiegle/No.Style Productions, courtesy the Dapper Wolf (2)

Andy Doan

Owner and stylist at the high-end gentlemen’s barbershop, the Dapper Wolf, which is located in St. Paul’s historic Vandalia Towers. 

GENTLEMAN TRENDS: “For fall, we are bringing guys back to the softer GQ looks with crisp and clean edges. Think Chris Hemsworth. We want to showcase a more natural texture with looks that are ‘lived in,’ creating softer styles with movement.”

WISH YOU KNEW: “Guys can have variety and versatility in a single haircut. [If you’re looking for a new style,], inspiration can come from social media, specifically Instagram. It’s really easy and convenient these days to keep up with current and upcoming trends by simply searching ‘men’s hairstyles.’”

HAPPY IT’S GONE: “Bowl cuts … Definitely bowl cuts.”

AN EASY FIX: “Product. The hair cut is the foundation; we can add texture, weight, and blunt lines to the shape, but it’s the product that brings it all together. My absolute favorite product and best seller right now is called Super Dry by Victor Barber & Brand. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use for almost any hair type, creating soft and wavy to wild and textured looks.”


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Alan Fackler

Co-founder and stylist at BeKind, a salon that exclusively works with natural and organic products and creates hair routines that clients can do at home.

HAIR TRENDS: “We do a lot of specific clientele who are obviously more into the natural, organic space. These clientele really follow those trends right now of letting natural hair go, incorporating their gray or maybe thinking about going gray for older clientele. We see a lot of these clients working to utilize what comes out of their head as the base color for their style, or for curly hair, enhancing it instead of trying to straighten it.

“For just the everyday person following trends, there’s the very blunt cut with a lack of bangs, chin length, or maybe below the shoulder—that’s very, very popular with that soft, messy curl. It’s very beachy with no layers. Long-haired clients are going very sleek with mouse. Think 1970s Cher with a long part down the middle and maybe a really sleek low pony tail. … Style [both fashion and beauty] is going a lot more ‘70s style. Thinking of guys with beards, or how we feel about men with long hair, and just the natural curls—things like that are becoming more popular.” 

POPULAR (NATURAL) PRODUCTS: Sea salt spray for a beachy, textured look and detanglers, both by Neuma or John Masters Organics, and Maria Nila Colour Refresh for maintaining or intensifying your current hair color. 


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Abby Shofner

Owner, colorist, and extension specialist of the Blondeluxe, a place, as Shofnar says, “for blondes and bombshells of every shade.” Hairstyle is an attitude, and it’s no more apparent than here. 

BRUNETTES: “Try barely there highlights on brunettes. The most subtle glimmers of low contrast lightness gives hair movement. Or maybe go no highlights, a modelesque hair color. When done right, even a ‘solid’ brunette has movement and depth. It’s not boring, and it’s also timeless.”

DIRTY BLONDES: “Warm or cool, this is a look that can be customized for someone who is naturally darker or lighter. What makes it still feel blonde are highlights around the face and ends.” 

BLOND FOREVER: “For blondes who aren’t even thinking about going darker for fall but still want something new and polished, try classic brightness that’s all the way up to the root. Keep your blonde looking expensive by maintaining a gloss—something you can go in for in between highlight services.

CRAZY COLORS: “I think for the fashion color world, the fall trend will lean toward not fighting the warmth. For the more reserved, go peach, nude, and the most diluted creamsicle shades. It’s uber temporary, and clients love that they can satisfy their craving for something bold without commitment. If you really want to make Mom and Dad mad, dare to do mustard or intentionally yellow hair.”

Kristy Wilson

One of the first stylists in the country to become a level 3 stylist at the Deva Curl Academy in New York City, with more than 30 years of experience (including some at her own salon, Uptown Curl).

HAIR TRENDS: “We’re definitely seeing volume. Big volume, natural texture—everyone wants to wear their hair with their natural curl and really maximize their cult type so they can get as much volume as they can. And we’re still seeing a lot of different types of bangs.

COLOR THOUGHTS: “[Besides] gray blending, the other big trend we’re seeing right now with hair color is multidimensional warm browns and warm reds with a hand-painted style. You can have these really bright, bold dimensional colors in your hair, and definitely a lot of warm browns mahogany, red, and coppers.” 

CURLY HAIR TIPS FOR FALL: “Our hair gets a lot of moisture from natural humidity in the summertime. When that leaves, we end up with dehydrated, static-y hair, and for some women, it gets frizzier and harder to manage. Maybe once a week or semi-monthly, a deep conditioning treatment really helps maintain the optimal moisture level.” 

These interviews have been edited for clarity, length, and style.

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