LEVII & Co., Bringing Back the Dapper Man

The accessories brand is one of the new Minnesota makers at Rose and Loon
Levii & Co. designs pocket squares, lapel pins, ties, and more for the dapper man.
LEVII & Co. designs pocket squares, lapel pins, ties, and more for the dapper man.

Courtesy Alon Nachmias

Jerrod Sumner, the creative director of Rose and Loon (and curator of Minnesota Monthly’s “The Goods”), first saw accessories brand LEVII & Co. at the beginning of the year during a visit to the Dapper Wolf, a men’s barbershop that gives off exclusive vibes with sleek black and wood accents and top-shelf whiskey. 

From there, Sumner invited Alon Nachmias, LEVII & Co.’s founder, to an open call for Rose and Loon makers. Some more chats happened, and then in June, LEVII & Co. joined the line up of 38 new makers featured at the Rosedale Center shop.

“This kind of ties into my whole story of being a brand and paying attention to detail,” Nachmias says of Sumner’s discovery of him at the Dapper Wolf. “We strive for that type of customer, those clients, that, as we like to describe it, take care of themselves and their grooming. When they go for their haircut, they don’t go to an ordinary place. [Likewise], our stuff is not ordinary.” 

While Nachmias paints a picture of a high-end brand—and you can definitely go formal with some of his designs—what I love about them is that they’re high-end at an affordable price. Also among Nachmias’ dapper accessories inventory are silk ties, lapel pins, bow ties, and pocket squares. If you’re a groom anytime soon, you have to check out his Groom & Co. services, whether it’s for styling, day-of services, or my personal favorite, customizable gift and accessories boxes for your groomsmen. (Indeed, the idea behind having groomsmen—having a company of confidantes that always has your back—is the “company” part of LEVII & Co.’s name. The first part—pronounced “levy”—is the maiden name of Nachmias’ mother.)

To check out LEVII & Co.’s spring/summer 2019 collection, a more hip and casual collection with pastel inspirations, go to Rose and Loon. It will be on the website soon, but why wait on being stylish?

LEVII & Co. began when Nachmias was still in L.A. and working at the Kellwood Co. as an associate designer. (Before leaving for L.A., he lived in Minneapolis for 16 years, and now that he’s back, he doesn’t seem to have any plans to move again.) With his brand, he wants to bring back the dapper man, but because dressing up for men is so often a suit and a jacket, he believes accessories help make the look unique and polished.

“I want people to go back to paying attention to the details, and anytime you accessorize, you’re completing your look,” Nachmias says.