Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

For the new year, three local makeup artists share their favorite products plus a few trends
Winter wedding, makeup by Victoria Olhauser at Primped
A winter wedding party, makeup by Victoria Olhauser at Primped

Lauren Kirkbride

With the holiday and New Year’s, plus Valentine’s Day in a month, it’s one of the prime engagement seasons. That’s also why we have a slew of wedding shows coming up, including the Wedding Fair January 19 and the Twin Cities Bridal Show January 26 (see the rest of them in this week’s “Style + Shopping”). Right now the average engagement length is about 13 months, which means that in about a year, a good number of people might be having winter weddings. With the snow, everything pops in photos, so it’s especially important that your makeup fits the occasion. 

While some brides put on their own makeup, others prefer to work with makeup artists for a variety of reasons. Even if they’re hoping for a natural look, brides might turn to makeup artists to create barely there looks that hold up under professional cameras or video recordings. Other brides want to add more glamour than they know how to confidently apply, and still others might simply want the luxurious and relaxing experience of having their makeup professionally done.

As you consider your options, here are some winter wedding makeup tips and tricks from Victoria Ohlhauser of Primped, Jody King of Makeup Savvy, and Samantha Hoke of Glam by Sam

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Makeup done by Primped
Makeup done by Victoria Olhauser at Primped

Russell Heeter Photography

“The biggest change in makeup for my winter bride vs. my summer brides is how I prep skin,” says Ohlhauser. “We are all so dry, and going out into the cold winds to get those gorgeous winter photos just dries us out even more.” 

With winter weddings especially, it’s all about keeping your skin dewy. Ohlhauser suggests using a hydrating primer like the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip as the base and keeping the skin looking refreshed after photos with a misting hydrating spray like Herbivore Botanicals’ Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. In place of foundation, she has found a perfect pair with Nars’ tinted moisturizer and its radiant creamy concealer. 

Even before the big day, a winter wedding can mean a changeup in your skincare routine. King recommends upping your use of emollient products such as face washes, serums, and heavier moisturizers. (Remember, she says, exfoliate! She recommends products like Clarisonic or micro-polishing products like the Rice Polish from Tatcha—then your moisturizer can seep into your skin without getting caught up in dead layers.) 

Keep It Warm

Partially because of snow’s cooler tones and partially because of jewelry’s shift to gold and rose metals, warmer colors are popular for winter weddings. For those looking for color inspiration, Tartelette in Bloom Clay eyeshadow palette or the Ulta Everyday Faves are two of Olhauser’s favorites for the season. Hoke, on the other hand, has been drawing moods from Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk and Walk of Shame collections as well as Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam and Nars’ Skin Deep palettes. 

No matter what, Hoke says, “Make sure you wear enough blush! We usually look paler than summer so making sure you have a great blush will make you look youthful and radiant. Also stick to cream products. Powders can be more drying. Cream blush and liquid highlight is amazing! My favorite brand[s] [are] Nars and Glossier.”

Keep It Timeless

Makeup Savvy, New Year's wedding, photo by Heather Hanson
A New Year’s wedding by Jody King at Makeup Savvy

Heather Hanson

“There are so many trends right now. Ivory on the eyes to pick up the pearls and the jewelry, or they’re wearing rhinestones,” King says. “I’m classic, very classic. I have to look at the pictures in 10 years. That’s why I don’t follow a trend. I’m not going to do that heavy winged liner on you; I’m going for the classic elegance.” 

Between your dresses, jewelry, and wedding theme, your makeup style will naturally follow. For instance, King remembers a New Year’s wedding where the bridesmaid all had nude dresses. “Right away you want more shimmer in your shadow, more glow in your skin,” she says. 

If you’re still unsure about what kind of makeup you want, Hoke says that besides looking at Pinterest for inspiration, think about what aspect of your face you want people to focus on, such as your eyes—a favorite look she’s been loving right now is fluttery lashes—your lips, or a powerful brow. It’s your day: Make sure you feel your best. 

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