Tess + Tricia

There’s a gene for enterprise—at least so say Pat and Tessa Webber, the chic mother-daughter duo behind the contemporary jewelry line Tess + Tricia. A recent rebranding allowed Pat, who manages business operations, and Tessa, the designer, to shift the line’s focus to their tight family ties (which go far beyond a similar taste in accessories, down to the matching heart-shaped tattoos adorning their right middle fingers). The affordable handmade pieces aren’t just pretty, they’re meaningful: Bead-and-paint-adorned antler-tip necklaces symbolize courage, wisdom, and growth, and a single gold lotus charm dangles from each stone-beaded wrap bracelet, attached to represent purity and good fortune. “I love the vibrancy that comes from natural materials,” explains Tessa, who designs all of the pieces from the sunny workroom of their family home, a converted dairy-farm barn. And the two have big plans for upcoming seasons, including the launch of a breast-cancer awareness line this fall.• tessandtricia.com