The Art of Gift Reception

Jordana realizes the perils of receiving.

I received a beautiful, expensive, prestigious, well intended gift this season. I returned it. My friends thought I was crazy. Maybe I am.

My handsome fiancée bought me the gift. He took time to pick it out, paid a lot of money for it, and as I was unwrapping it, he looked at my face and said, “It’s not really you, is it?”

I kind of wish I was the “expensive purse” kind of girl—but no, it wasn’t really me. As I was relaying this tale to a friend, she asked, “Why do you feel unworthy of expensive things?”

Ouch. I couldn’t get her question out of my head. Hey, I like nice things, I love to shop, I appreciate fashion—but it’s true, I almost never, ever pay retail.

So did I feel “unworthy,” or am I just a practical person? I like to think it’s the latter, but her question still nagged at me. The quandary was exacerbated a few days ago when my handsome fiancée wanted me to get a ski coat. I’ve recently taken up snowboarding and needed some warm gear. Do you have any idea how expensive these coats are? I started sweating when I saw the $399 price tag and couldn’t get out of the store fast enough. I later found one at a fraction of the cost that I love. But the question remained: unworthy or practical?

Life doesn’t always resolve issues so quickly, but I’m happy to report I now know the answer.

Donning my bargain priced ski coat, and used snowboarding equipment, handsome fiancée and I headed out to Hyland for some practice. He offered to purchase a package of snowboarding lessons for me and the kids. Snowboarding is something my fiancée and his kids love. I feel challenged when I am learning and my kids and I can bond and have fun while we learn together. The lessons cost more than the purse. I giddily and quickly accepted with a smile and a thank you.

Answer: not unworthy, just practical.

In the new year I wish you priceless gifts, and the knowledge to know you are worthy of all of them.