The Orth House Controversy

Nicole Curtis photo by Jeff Johnson

The recent demolition of the 1893-built Orth House in south Minneapolis happened against the opposition of neighborhood activists, including Nicole Curtis, home remodeler and star of TV’s Rehab Addict.


Amount the house reportedly sold for in 1992


Price paid for property by developer this year


Years its owner claims he unsuccessfully tried to sell it


Fires that reportedly have broken out in the house’s lifetime


City Council vote in favor of the application to demolish the house


Rulings by judges against attempts to stop the demolition


Comments on Nicole Curtis’ Facebook post on the demolition (including those calling city councilwoman Lisa Bender a “bitch,” “despicable,” and a “gutless coward”)


Likes on Betsy Hodges’ Facebook page calling Nicole Curtis’ behavior “reprehensible”

More than 112,000

Likes on Nicole Curtis’ Facebook page for post in response to Mayor Hodges’ criticism


Low-income boarders needing new lodging after demolition of the house  


Number of “Dutch gable[s] short of a Queen Anne” some preservation supporters seem, according to Star Tribune columnist Jon Tevlin