The R.T. Rybak Quiz

In the pages of his memoir, Pothole Confidential, pubished this month, ever-popular former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak delves into the lessons of his youth and the trials and triumphs of his three terms in City Hall. Along the way, some who Rybak encountered weren’t entirely sympathetic and supportive—see
if you can match these quotes about Rybak from his book with the people who said them. 

  1. “I’m gonna get you, Rybak!”
  2. “You’re not the mayor.”
  3. “Oh, I know who you are, all right.”
  4. “Who is this R.T. Rybak? This neophyte! This milquetoast!”


A. Dayton’s public relations staffer Megan O’Hara, at a party where she angrily ripped Rybak for writing about the store’s renovation in the Star Tribune before the company was ready (the two patched it up, got married, and remain so to this day). 
B. Perennial Minneapolis mayoral candidate Dick Franson, in an “attack fax” during Rybak’s successful first campaign
C. The “large, disheveled man” who grabbed Rybak at an Aquatennial parade while the mayor was working the crowd
D. Kids on Broadway Ave. in north Minneapolis working on picking up trash, after Rybak pulled over in his Prius to commend them