The Second Time

Wedding preparation
photo by alenazamotaeva – fotolia

I’m getting married in six days. I don’t have any flowers, or a photographer, or a wedding timeline, but it’s ok. This isn’t my first rodeo, after all, and this time it’s much easier. This second chance I’ve been given has offered calm and clarity.

I’m really excited about getting married, but this time it’s more about the participants than the trappings. My youngest was disappointed when she saw my dress, which is champagne colored and does not have a big, tulle princess skirt. The kids wanted a chocolate fountain at the reception, which is not happening. There is no wedding registry, and there are no bachelor/ette parties. All of those things are fun and should happen for a first wedding, but for my second time, I didn’t feel it was necessary. And that was liberating.

We sent e-vites, to save trees, money and time. Anyone who judges shouldn’t come to our wedding anyway. We planned the food in an hour, asked a colleague to DJ for the party with a playlist from our kids, and told everyone to wear whatever they want. It sounds perfect to me.

The man I am going to marry is my peace. When I see him I can relax—I know everything is ok. When I am near him I feel safe and loved. I love him so much the emotion catches in my breath when I think about him. Becoming his wife will be an honor.

Jordana green's engagement

When he sees me walking down the aisle toward him about to unite our souls, I’m pretty sure it won’t matter that my dress only cost $50, or his boutonniere was ordered six days before our wedding (I ordered it as I write this). Everyone there who responded “yes” to our invitation will be witness to our love story and be able to celebrate the marriage of two people who truly belong together. I cannot think of a dress, or a flower, or a venue, or a fancy cake that is more beautiful than that.

This week I wish you a beautiful moment to be shared with loved ones, trappings or not.