Thinking on a Higher Plane

You may not have heard of Hugh C. Cameron. I hadn’t either until this morning.

While I was deciding what I should write about this week for the MnMo blog, I was checking my WCCO Radio work email. I received this note from a listener:

“Jordana, you have talked about forgiveness several times on your show. I want to alert you to an up coming Forgiveness Workshop by Mary Hayes Grieco on 3/28/15. She is based in the Twin Cities. Her book on the eight steps of forgiveness is the best I have read.”

I don’t know Mary, but since I often talk about forgiveness, I was intrigued. I plan to read her book and maybe have her on the show. But what really caught my eye was that the signature of the email had this quote attached:

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” –Hugh C. Cameron

It stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t know who Hugh C. Cameron was. A quick Google search rectified that. He was an American Brigadier General, Vice Commander, 9th Air Force, U.S. Central Command Air Forces. He died in 1922.

His words, probably over a century old, rocked me. I’m on the radio five nights a week, but am I using my time wisely? I want the two hours between 9–11p.m. to be great, but I often discuss events, and admittedly even people (dumb celebrities are such easy targets). But it’s not just 9–11p.m. that I’m thinking about now—what about the other 22 hours?

Words are important (no matter what they say about sticks and stones). But Hugh C. Cameron gave me much to think about this morning as to how I use all of my words and discussions.

It’s easy to discuss events, and certainly people, but talking about ideas is more of a challenge. I do many shows about forgiveness, as I’ve had a lot of practice with this particular skill (yes, I think of it as a skill), so I’ll continue down that path. I also plan to think more about the ideology behind the events and people I discuss in the show and in everyday life. I’m also open to your ideas—you can reach me anytime at

This week I wish you great ideas to discuss, great events to experience, and great people to share it all with.