Time to Think

WCCO’s Jordana Green changes up her tired New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! You may be tired of hearing about resolutions… me too. Mine are always the same:

  1. Be more patient with the kids.
  2. Meditate and do more yoga.
  3. Move the needle professionally.

Many times during the year, I’m a success and a failure at all of the above. But I digress, today I’m writing to tell you about one of the greatest resolutions of all time. It has nothing do to with weight, kids, work or exercise. The best resolution I’ve ever heard was presented to me by a dear friend. My successful, savvy, single-mom friend said, “I’m going to think more.”  Mind blown.

This past year she found her job running her ragged. She travels, wines and dines, designs, mentors her staff, grows sales for her company, and she felt scattered. Can’t blame her. She said this year she is going to make time to sit in her office and just think. Revolutionary!

The thinking will be about her personal and professional growth. Instead of doing stuff all the time, she wants to be still and plan, strategize, and methodically map out where she wants to go in work and life. Genius!

We all say we are doing or want to do this. Very few of us actually do. During the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah in the fall we are supposed to think about how we can be better people, better Jews in the new year. But I’ve never taken that idea to the next level of planning how I’m going to make that happen. Imagine clearing your schedule and deliberately taking time to focus on you. Life changing.

After my friend told me her “I’m going to think more” resolution, I just stared at her for a very long time. Now I cannot get her idea out of my head. So I’m stealing it. I’m still going to try to do the patience-yoga-professional-needle stuff but I’m also going to make time to think.

This week I wish you success in all your resolutions and some quiet time to plan a better you.