Wills, Won'ts, and Nexts: SW3=N

As a rule, I try not to do math. It’s not really my thing. I remember my 5th-grade algebra tutor vividly. Mrs. Sommers was patient, matronly, and had the superhuman ability to teach me just enough algebra to pass my exams. And no, I never use algebra in real life now, so I’m fine with that level, thank you very much. So this week, when a friend mentioned she heard about “SW3=N,” naturally I tuned out. But then she explained this equation would help me smooth out some rough angles in my life. (I’d always been better at geometry.)

SW3=N equates to Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Next.

Some people will like me, some won’t, so what? Next. Some jobs will be great, some won’t, so what? Next. Some relationships will work out, some wont, so what? Next.

It’s simple and true, but hard to employ. The “so what” part is where we get in the weeds. We all want people to like us. I’m on the radio—I want people to listen to my show and like what they hear. But if they don’t (and I need to practice this part), so what?

It’s freeing when you can embrace SW3=N. I practiced at work yesterday. If someone sent me a nasty text (this happens often) or disagreed with me on air, I tried not to take it personally, let them have their say, and moved on. Next. Even when I defended my position or tried to persuade them to agree with me, they often didn’t. So what? Next. It was liberating.

I realize some relationships matter more than others. What your parents, kids, or boss thinks is important. But in every relationship, there is room to agree to disagree. My daughter once said to me, “Mom, the best thing about you is that you don’t care what anyone else thinks of you, but the worst thing about you is that you don’t care what anyone else thinks about you.” I took it as a compliment.  I realize that attitude helps me be more authentically Jordana. SW3=N reminded me of that.

It’s spring, the season of renewal, and a good time to be reminded there’s always a Next.

This week, I wish you many who Will, few who Won’t, a laissez-faire attitude about the Wont’s, and an exciting Next!