Winter Skincare Tips

Local beauty expert Kari Tribble shares some of her tips to keep your face glowing during the cold winter days

Kari Tribble, photo courtesy Kari Tribble.
photo courtesy Kari Tribble

Although Minnesota has been serving up a milder winter thus far, I don’t think I’m the only one bracing myself for a huge wallop of ice, wind chill, and bitter cold. To help prep for the inevitable, I chatted with Kari Tribble, a local beauty expert, salon owner, life coach, and beauty and lifestyle blogger about how to best care for skin in the winter. Build the habit now; reap the benefits later.

Tribble’s advice was peppered with her esthetician knowledge and tried-and-true products that she had used on her own skin, but the biggest message that came through was that with just a little extra effort each day or week, you can make a big change in your self care. 

“Your beauty routines, in a sense, take care of yourself, and so they are taking a moment to have rituals of love,” Tribble says.

So keep your skin healthy and love yourself this winter with some of these tips: 

1. Make sure to drink enough water.

“Hydration is just as important as moisturizing. When we are not drinking enough water, our skin becomes dehydrated which can create a dull complexion.”

2. Exfoliate.

“Dry skin creates a rough, uneven skin tone. It also makes it hard for products to penetrate into the skin. A lot of people put on a lot of moisturizer on and ask, ‘Why isn’t my skin hydrated or moisturized?’ It’s because not enough product gets through the skin; there’s too much dead skin blocking the moisturizing process.

“I personally love using Clarisonic Mia Smart. It’s a gentle exfoliant [brush], so you can use it while you cleanse. Aveda has a very nice Radiant Skin Refiner that you can use right after you cleanse as well, and it has a conditioning component so it won’t strip the skin. It does a really good job of getting rid of that dry skin, like an at-home version of micro-dermabrasion.”

3. To get some sun-kissed glow, try moisturizers with some vitamin C or D.

“I love the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream line; they have a day or night cream. There’s another company, Bella Aura, and they have this Daily Repair Moisturizer and this Night Cellular Renewal Moisturizer. Then for a little bit more financially friendly, I recommend Avalon Intense Defense with Vitamin C Renewal Cream and Soap and Glory Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisturizer Mousse.”

4. It only takes 10 minutes a week to go the extra mile for your skin with a mask.

“One of my favorite amazing masks I use in my routine, something for all skin types, is by Moon + Bee Apothecary. It’s her Detox, Calm, and Restore Mask. It pulls impurities out and stimulates circulation in the face. One of the things we were taught as estheticians is that circulation is so important for anti-aging; it lets the lymphatics drain all the toxins from skin. This mask creates a feeling of a heartbeat in your face. It helps circulation flow which is really nice, and it makes skin look radiant with a clear, clean tone. It’s hands down one of my holy grail products.

“Another mask I need to recommend, too, for its moisturizing properties, is the Sarangahe Elemental Essence Mask.”

5. For an item to keep in your purse, try toner.

“It’s a little way to help hydrate your skin. Some toners have glowing properties, too. They’re good for moisture. There’s one at Target that works really well, the Pixi Glow Mist.”

6. It’s okay to treat yourself with something that’s more for relaxation than health (and how great is it that it does both?). 

“I love one of the cleansers also by Saranghe. It’s their Nourishing and Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser. The cleanser itself is an experience. It’s real truffle extract and real gold flakes, and it smells incredible. Every time I wash my face, no matter who’s around me, they ask, ‘What is that smell? It’s so amazing.’ It’s not crazy expensive—definitely not on the drugstore level, but it’s such a treat for yourself. You feel like you’re indulging in the moment, and that aroma relaxes you.”

This interview has been edited for style, clarity, and length.