Wise Women: Financial Savvy for Every Life Stage

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Photo by TJ Turner

Whether you’re just beginning your career, retiring from the workforce, or somewhere in between, a major financial decision is never far off. It may be choosing a profession, buying a house, or planning your estate. We asked local experts to share their tips for establishing sound habits and making informed choices during major life events so you can feel confident about your financial future.

Early Years
The early years of establishing personal independence are a perfect time to form good spending and saving habits. From budgeting apps to debt counselors, there are all sort of resources to help. It may seem early to start thinking about retirement, but it’s not: Putting even small amounts aside from your first paychecks will reap dividends down the road. Read more.

Middle Age
Once careers and families are established, many consider making the largest purchase of their lives: buying a home. In this busy time of balancing your needs with those of partners, children, and employers, it’s also essential to stay on top of your financial situation. Read more.

Later in Life
Preparing for one’s golden years involves important research and decision making, including calculating retirement income and choosing how to allocate your time. Generations ahead of and behind your own—aging parents, adult children, grandchildren—may also be seeking your support. And it’s never too early to start the conversations about how you want to live your later years and the legacy you’ll leave behind. Read more.