Yoga Should be America's Pastime

WCCO’s Jordana Green finds peace amid the negativity of the election

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I didn’t really want to go to yoga, I was feeling tired and crabby after Sunday nights’ debate. I had this blog to write and other work to do, but I pulled it together and grabbed my mat. It was a substitute yoga teacher who surprised us all with a little mantra at the beginning of class.

May both of us together be protected.

May both of us together be nourished.

May we work together with great energy.

May our study together be brilliant and effective.

May we have not hate or dispute with each other.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

I totally needed that. We all do.This election cycle is brutal, we need some peace. I hope you have the luxury of being able to turn off the TV, radio or computer and just tune out. I’ve learned after dealing with this circus for the last 6 months that it will infiltrate your soul if you allow it. On the air, on line, at a dinner party, at the PTA meeting… it’s everywhere. But you don’t have to let it in. When someone (outside of work) tries to engage me in political rhetoric and asks what I think, I respond, “I think we’ve been having fabulous weather.” (You can always hear what I think when I’m at work on WCCO radio from 3-7 and 9-11 p.m. Mon.-Fri.)

You and I have no control over how the candidates run their campaigns but we can control how we let their venom affect us. Get a tourniquet, suck out the poison, stop the bleeding and repeat the mantra. This angry season will eventually pass, we will be ok.


This week I wish that we may be protected, nourished, have great energy, be brilliant and effective and not hate or dispute with each other.