You’re Making What?

Jello, 7up, pop bottle
The finished product. Photos by Jordana Green.

I usually don’t keep lime Jell-O in the house, but my kids were begging for it. Ok…why? Because they wanted to make a 7-Up bottle out of lime Jell-O. Ok…why again? Because it’s fun. Of course!

They constantly remind me that it’s ok to do stuff just for fun, and they’re often right. It made a mess, it was sticky, and I had to spend some time picking gelatin crystals out of the countertop and backsplash. But yes, it was fun.

I recently read this quote on an email signature and loved it: “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer

I have to remind myself that my kids know many things I know nothing about and sometimes I should just go along for the ride—even if the ride is messy and I end up cleaning it all up. I’ve also stopped discounting stuff they see online. The kids learned how to make rainbow looms, create origami, do cats cradle, and make a 7-Up bottle out of lime Jell-O.

For the price of some gelatin and a few bottles of soda we had a few hours of silly experimenting. It was fun, and it worked…sort of. Here’s the link, because I know you want to try it.

What’s the most fun/creative project you’ve done recently?

Jordana’s son with the JELL-O bottle.


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