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Minnesota Baby and Beyond is a parent’s guide for what to expect during pregnancy and new parenthood. The magazine offers relevant, researched, honest advice, and features in-depth discussions, how-to guides, interviews with local medical experts, and information on everything from nutrition to safe sleep and parenting advice.

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"You Are Loved" is just one of the many felt embroidery designs in Meghan Thompson's how-to book. Photo by Christopher Thompson.
Meghan Thompson’s book, "Whimsical Felt Embroidery," shows you how to add the missing touch to your child’s room

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Minnesota Baby  and Beyond

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5 Playgrounds to Visit in the Twin Cities

There is no better time to explore the state of Minnesota with your little ones than during the summer months. With all 10,000 of...

October 12 & 13 at The Saint Thomas Academy
Minnesota Baby  and Beyond

Don't miss the greatest baby expo in Minnesota!

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