Great Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

With active downtowns and suburban sanctuaries, the Twin Cities have a lot to love.

Whether you want to buy, build, rent or remodel, the Twin Cities have plenty of places to call home. A mix of single-family units, townhouses, condos and apartments meet every budget and span amenity-rich dwellings in downtown Minneapolis, historic artist lofts
in St. Paul, lakeside retreats and suburban cottages. Award-winning transportation systems make it easy to stay connected with friends who live across town, and open-enrollment school districts add flexibility for families. Here are some of our recommendations—but know that you’ll find a good fit wherever you choose to live in the Twin Cities.

Click through below to read about each top-notch neighborhood.

North Loop & Downtown


“The North Loop neighborhood, slightly north of downtown Minneapolis, was emptied out by the Great Depression, but now it’s the fastest growing urban hotspot in the Twin Cities. Also known as the Warehouse District, it attracts young professionals with revamped, exposed-brick warehouse lofts that only enhance hipster vibes. Apartments are upscale-industrial, skyline views are omnipresent, and the restaurant scene is spectacular.Read more.



“The Northeast neighborhood makes Minnesotans think of two things: art and beer. Here, the Arts District is known for abundant galleries and studios. It’s where the annual springtime Art-A-Whirl festival shines a light on almost 800 area artists, who open their studios for free tours. You’ll also find their work in businesses, restaurants and breweries, often paired with local bands putting on shows of their own.Read more.

Grand Avenue & Highland Park

St. Paul

“Not many streets can be considered districts unto themselves. But 30 blocks of restaurants, bars and shops have earned Grand Avenue that distinction in St. Paul.” Read more.

Cathedral Hill

St. Paul

“This St. Paul neighborhood takes its name from the massive Cathedral of St. Paul. Beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture makes this hilltop Roman Catholic cathedral an iconic backdrop for neighborhood restaurants, for lovely homes and for the city as a whole. Residents choose from condos, classic apartments and cozy single-family units. And, in each case, history shines through.” Read more.


“Don’t let the population of over 85,000 fool you. Coming in as the fifth largest city in Minnesota, Bloomington is a close community at heart, with a diverse population that draws first-time homebuyers, families and those looking for a place to retreat in their later years.Read more.


“Minnetonka” translates to “great water” in the Dakota language, and Lake Minnetonka fits the bill: The 14,000-acre body of water has more than 100 miles of shoreline, and on its east side, you’ll find the city of Minnetonka, a community 20 minutes west of the Twin Cities with a population of nearly 60,000. Here, impressive homes sit among plenty of lush parks and job opportunities (thanks in part to the headquarters of UnitedHealth Group and Cargill), whether you want to go big near the lake on McGinty Road West and Crosby Road, or would rather lock down something more moderately priced in the Oak Knoll or Glen Lake neighborhoods.Read more.

Chaska & Chanhassen

“Chaska’s mission statement is to be the best city in Minnesota, and its track record is so far so good. The town has made Money Magazine’s list of the top 100 places to live more than once, commended for family-friendly assets—like reasonably priced homes and quality schools—and more than a dozen tech and biotech firms. Chaska is 27 miles southwest of Minneapolis, with a growing population of 26,765 and housing that keeps pace. Those looking to settle down here will find a slew of single-family homes on streets such as North Pine and West Fourth.Read more.

Neighborhoods to Watch

Fore even more neighborhoods to consider, check out these six making waves, from Apple Valley, Minn., to St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis. Read more.