Where to Live in the Twin Cities

From bustling metropolises to secluded suburbs, there’s a great deal to love in the Twin Cities

Quality of life. For such a seemingly simple goal, it’s surprisingly difficult to attain. For Twin Cities locals, however, achieving work-life balance is remarkably easy thanks to the environment in which we live.

When newcomers arrive, they are often surprised by what awaits. While Minneapolis and St. Paul are indeed “twin” cities, they and their surrounding metros are anything but identical. St. Paul’s historic charm and tree-lined avenues are as evident as Minneapolis’ bustling glass and steel skyway system connecting nine miles of downtown businesses, urban dwellings and amenities.

Our outdoor spaces are among the best in the country with endless miles of trails and paths connecting our equally abundant lakes and waterways. Whether your dream home is a bungalow on the lake, an urban loft with a skyline view or a home next to a park for your family, it’s our region’s ability to truly offer something for everyone that keeps residents here for a lifetime once they’ve arrived. Welcome home.

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