Congratulations, Bogey!

Bogey Quilty-Winge, a 1-year-old Cavapoo from Northeast Minneapolis, is the first-ever winner of Minnesota Monthly’s Petfest!

Get to Know Bogey:

Nicknames: The Bogey Monster,” “Bog-Meister,” and George (as in, Curious George, because he’s curious by nature.)

Words that describe Bogey: Lovable, outgoing, and clumsy—largely in part of his tendency to run into things, fall off furniture, sit on Mom’s head, and succumb to a full-body wobble when he gets too excited.

Favorite things: He loves “ice cookies,” which are really just ice cubes, and Piper, an animated short film about a baby bird.

Favorite places: Outdoor patios, walks across the Stone Arch Bridge, afternoons at In The Loop Coffee Co. (a dog-friendly coffee shop in North Loop that serves up homemade dog treats.)

Silliest quirk: “Bogey used to know how to roll over, but now he’s decided he doesn’t like to do that,” Caitlyn Quilty, one of Bogey’s owners, says. “Instead, he just walks in a circle.”

Want to learn more about our “Cutest Pet” winner? Read Bogey’s editorial feature, including why his owners entered him, his favorite pet food (not-so-subtle hint: it’s NutriSource), and more, in the most recent issue of Minnesota Monthly—available online here.

Plus, you can watch the recorded announcement with sponsor NutriSource Pet Foods, benefiting sponsor University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital’s NutriSource Facility Dog Program, Minnesota Monthly senior editor Reed Fischer, and of course, Bogey and his owners below.




Minnesotans fur-ever love our pets, and the team at Minnesota Monthly is no exception! To honor these beloved family members, we launched PetFest, the search for the cutest pet!

Beginning with a call for entries, Minnesota Monthly and NutriSource Pet Foods invited proud pet owners across the region to submit their cutest pet photos. All photos are posted here for the entire year, and the winner will be announced on June 25, 2020, and will be featured in our July/August issue. Minnesota’s “Cutest Pet” will also receive a professional photoshoot!

A special thank you to NutriSource for presenting.

Proceeds from the contest benefitted the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital’s NutriSource Facility Dog Program.