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September 28, 2024

1:00 – 5:00 PM

Alcoholic Beverage Sponsors & Exhibitors Forms

If you are serving a beverage at the event, you need to submit the below information by the associated deadline in order to maximize your marketing and event experience.

Please click the header on each section below to access the form or document.

Please submit a copy of your businesses comprehensive insurance policy (COI). Required for all sponsors and exhibitors. Please email it to Jordyn Tayloe | jtayloe@greenspring.com.
DUE: 9/20
If you are going to be sampling an alcoholic beverage or will be adding alcohol to your non-alcoholic product, you must agree to the alcohol sampling agreement and the amount of product that can be poured per serving.
DUE: 9/20


If you plan to use ice or a garnish in your beverage samples, or make coffee or tea on-site, then you must fill out this form, and I will provide your information to the Minnesota Department of Health permitting office and they will contact you to secure the permit.
We will pay for the application fee, so please focus only on getting the needed information to the state. If you have a Seasonal Food Permit issued by the Minnesota Department of Health, please email it to Rick Krueger at rkrueger@greenspring.com.
The contact with the state that will be reaching out to you is: Greg Nelson | greg.nelson@state.mn.us | 651.201.4259
NOTE: When serving a beverage with ice, you must provide your own ice serving bucket and ice scoop or tongs to serve with. The ice bin provided by the event team is not intended for ice to be served from, but rather to cool cans and bottles of product. The event will supply ice to all beverage vendors.
Hand-Washing Stations: You are required to have hand washing supplies if you are sampling food. They are also available for rental (subject to availability) via the Show Service Order Form.
You are responsible for complying with all Minnesota State Health Department regulations of food items. Special Event Food Stand Requirements
DUE: 8/23
If you are going to sell any prepackaged non-alcoholic beverage, or sell your brand swag (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) at the event. You must submit an ST-19 form. Please email it to Jordyn Tayloe | jtayloe@greenspring.com.
DUE: 9/20