5 Fun Facts about Organic Berry Farming

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    Have you ever noticed the difference in color of the Driscoll’s berries containers? Some labels are green while others are yellow. That’s because while some berries are grown conventionally, that’s the yellow label, others take advantage of organic methods. Those berries come with the green label.

    Fun Facts about Driscoll’s Organic Berry Farming Practices:

    1. Driscoll’s started growing organic berries before it was the commonplace and has been leading the way ever since for the past 20 years.

    2. Driscoll’s is committed and passionate about growing organics through the use of innovative organic farming practices while protecting the land for future generations to come. Mother Nature although challenging at times, can provide tools to naturally control pests. Driscoll’s uses methods such as beneficial bugs and crop rotation to prevent disease and plant damage.

    3. All Driscoll’s berries regardless of whether they are organic or non-organic, are grown without use of GMO. 

    4. Some of the tools in organic farmers’ toolkits include crop rotation, beneficial insect management and the use of cover crops and compost.

    5. Driscoll’s uses methods such as beneficial bugs and crop rotation to prevent disease and plant damage. One of the natural pest control methods used by Driscoll’s organic growers is the persimilis mite.  Persimilis mites are a natural way to rid your garden from harmful spider mite infestations, and they are a trusted method of natural pest control used by 80% of local growers in California.

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