A Little Package of Joy Just For You

    Presented by Driscoll’s 


    When selecting a container of picked at the peak of freshness Driscoll’s berries, you might be holding the key to happiness. Experience the joy of summertime no matter the state of our temperamental Minnesota weather when you bite into a juicy strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, or blackberry. That is the taste of running through the sprinkler. It’s the feeling of sifting bare toes through the sand. It’s the memory of watching the velvet of a purple night sky descend over a pink sunset.

    It’s something we in the Twin Cities know. We eat 18,864,036 pounds of berries a year. That’s approximately 2,193,007,884 berries!

    A new survey, conducted by Driscoll’s shows that 85% of people agree that eating berries makes them happy! It’s no wonder why. For over 100 years Driscoll’s has been leading the industry, carefully cultivating each sweet berry from seedlings to growing up on family farms.

    Based on consumer feedback, Driscoll’s breeders work with Mother Nature to develop the most beautiful and delicious berries possible. As the leading fresh berry company, Driscoll’s employs agronomists, berry researchers, sensory analysts and plant health specialists who use only natural breeding techniques to grow baby seedlings raised on family farms. Collectively, this group, is referred to as joy-makers.

    Could you imagine eating a berry and not smile? That’s the joy, packed fresh into every container.


    The post is presented by Driscoll’s