Back to School Prep: Bento Boxes!

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    The strategy for conquering the crazy weekday mornings is the all important prep. Getting as much ready before hand can mean the difference between coffee creamer in the cereal and a happy crew left well-fed throughout the day. Sure, it’s still possible that at least one travel mug will be sacrificed from the roof of the car to the street to school, but during these early days returning to routines, a made ahead lunch can cut through the chaos and give the family a sweet reminder that you care.

    Mouse and Cheese Bento Box



    2 Tablespoons peanut butter
    1 Cup mixed Driscoll’s berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
    1/2 Cup mini carrots
    1 Red licorice whip
    2 Driscoll’s strawberries, hulled
    4 Almond slices
    6 Mini chocolate chips (4 chocolate and 2 white chocolate preferred)
    2 Slices sandwich bread



    Have a shallow bento box and two cupcake papers on hand.

    Cut two 4-inch licorice lengths and insert one into each strawberry at the hole created when berry was hulled. Insert one white chocolate chip (tip first) at tip of each strawberry to create mouse’s nose. Insert two chocolate chips a half-inch up from the nose to form eyes. Insert an almond slice above each eye to form ears. Place strawberry mice in cupcake papers and put into bento box.

    Stack bread slices on top of each other and trim to shape that mimics cheese wedge. Unstack slices and use small, round cookie cutters (or extra-large straws) to cut holes into one of the slices. Spread the uncut slice of bread with peanut butter, top with the holed slice of bread, and fill holes with berries of varying sizes to match sizes of holes.

    Place sandwich in bento box and fill any surrounding gaps with carrots and berries.



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