Backyard Barbecues

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    Last Friday night, I was counting the Morse-code messages of fireflies from a lawn chair in my front yard surrounded by faces grinning in the early moonlight. I had been heading to our local grocery store when I happened to pass my neighbor. First, I was greeted by a sunshine-faced four year old yelling, Boo, from around the corner. (Earned a new grey hair with that one!) As her mom and I chatted, we found our dinner plans merged beautifully with one another. Chips, salsa and a little grilled meat met up with a berry studded spinach salad drizzled in vanilla balsamic dressing for a sudden neighborhood potluck on our block.

    This kind of thing just doesn’t happen in the winter here. Now is the time to savor every moment. Invite some friends over to your backyard. Paper plates are fine and who even cares about the state of the house? Let the kids get sticky fingers, pull a quick-easy bite together and make some memories.

    By: Joy Summers


    5 Simple, Speedy Driscoll’s Berry Recipes for a Backyard Barbecue: 







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